Case CATalyst Scoping

For transcripts received after 8 pm EST, the turnaround clock starts ticking the following day at 8 am EST. Saturday and Sunday together count as one day when calculating turnaround times. Holidays excluded.

Rates are based on 25 lines per page and the use of full audio. This is my preferred method because it ensures the best level of accuracy. Please contact me if you are interested in no-audio or spot-checking scoping services.

Flat rate of $25 to complete cover/title pages, appearances, and index.

Additional $.15/page for video transcripts. Potential surcharges may apply for highly technical transcripts, especially rough text, or heavy exhibit review/quoting. If the overall page number grows by more than 8% due to excessive drops, any pages beyond the initial 8% will incur an additional charge of $.50/page.


For transcripts received after 8 pm EST, the turnaround clock starts ticking the following day at 8 am EST. Saturday and Sunday together count as one day when calculating turnaround times.  Holidays excluded.

Rates are based on 25 lines per page.

Additional charges may apply for expert or highly technical transcripts and/or unusually messy transcripts.

First-time Clients (Discount)

The first 10 pages (standard turnaround only) are free of charge for first-time clients; I want you to be confident in my work and know that we are a good match! Payment for any subsequent pages will be due immediately upon receipt of your completed job. 

Referrals (Discount)

Existing clients receive a 20% discount on their next transcript following a successful referral (max 100 pages).

Regular Clients

Regular clients will be billed on the 1st and 15th of the month. Payment is expected within 14 days of the billing date. Late penalties will apply.

How it Works

  • Send an email with the type of transcript, number of pages, and date/time it is needed back. If you have a particularly large job (>150 pages) or you need expedited service, please let me know as soon as possible so I can make sure I am able to accommodate your timelines.

Scoping clients

  • Create a backup zip file of your transcript and audio file if available. I will provide a link to a shared Dropbox folder for you to upload it. If you prefer a different file sharing service, we can work that out.
  • I will scope to full audio, keeping the “track changes” feature turned on in case you want to see what I did in a specific section. I’ll create scanstops or conflicts for anything that I think needs an extra listen. If I have a comment to accompany scanstops, I’ll put them in hidden text notes. 
  • Although I strive for accuracy every time, the scoped file will require a final proofread to catch stray errors before it is turned in!

Proofreading clients

  • Email your fully scoped, *almost* turn-in-ready transcript to me in PDF format. You can also submit a Case CATalyst file. 
  • Upon completion, I send back a PDF with just the annotated pages or the updated Case CATalyst file. On PDF, the corrections will be in red ink and yellow highlights. Make sure to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (it’s free!) to view all of the corrections. If proofing in Case CATalyst, I will use track changes so you can see all edits that I have made. For any comments/questions, I’ll flag and insert hidden notes.


I use Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters, Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation, The Gregg Reference Manual, Merriam-Webster, and a host of other web-based research tools.


Types of issues I look for:


  • accurate/consistent punctuation & capitalization
  • double-check attorney & firm names/addresses in appearances
  • misspellings
  • word use 
  • homophone mixups
  • spacing & alignment issues
  • inclusion of relevant documents
  • mistranslates
  • untranslates